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A sweet order

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual A sweet order

Post by Kiara Griffen on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:04 pm

~~TXT MSG from Alastair~~
Interesting website.
Interested in some candy
Chimera = 3 types
Middle East Male A+
Caucasian Female AB- preferably irish bloodline
African American Female B+
One package of each
Will meet in the diner in Bon Temp when the order is ready for delivery

~end of line~

That was what the text message that woke her said. She groaned as she got up and called the warehouse. It was early in the day and without her caffeine IV she was still sluggish. She took a long cool shower, only realizing then that she still had her heirloom ring on. She worked with it, using some soap to slide the tight ring off her pinky. She figured since she had to go check on the order of Chimera candy she could also get the ring refitted. She made sure the ring was safe and dry before finishing her shower. She put on a pair of sedate jeans and a nice loose button top before grabbing her things, her wallet and her ring and headed out.

The Compton manor was quiet at this time. Security was heavy during the day but a quick chat with Sal, the head of security and she was out quickly. She drove down the road towards the compound. Despite it being a warehouse on the outside, the warehouse was just a cover. The compound was ten acres above ground, comprised of a warehouse, several recreation areas, wooded areas, as well as an onsite clinic. Underground it was even larger, basically a small city.

Twenty acres underground comprised of living quarters, virtual reality rooms, banquet halls, shopping quarters, recreation areas and several acres dedicates solely to the making of the chimera candy, as well as any custom jewelry orders. Once in the compound she spoke to some of her employees, having to find the correct donors for the chimera candy. She had several hundred donors living in the compound so it wasn’t long before the 3 specific donors were found and taken away for the bloodletting procedure.

She left instructions for the Chimera candy, then heading to her office onsite to run through some numbers, making sure she was still making a profit which thankfully she was. Being the only provider of living donors in the US and the only maker of Chimera candy worldwide meant she was always filling in orders for vampires. Once she was sure the important part of the book keeping was done she left the compound, knowing that from the bloodletting to the candy making it would take several hours. She then drove to a small jewelry shop in Shreveport, having called ahead of time so the jeweler could personally fit her ring since it was so priceless for her.

Thankfully the jeweler was more than happy to personally fit her ring. She decided to have it fit for her middle finger instead.

“This ring.. is quite old Miss Griffen” he noted as he worked on the ring. She nodded “It’s been in my family for several generations” she said calmly.

“You don’t see craftsmanship like this anymore, definitely hand-made and forged” he said, working delicately to expand the ring without damaging it at all. After about an hour the ring was ready and she smiled as she slipped it on her finger. Once she paid for it she left the shop, heading back to the Compton manor, knowing she’d be called if needed for the making of the blood candy.

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