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Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Mussings

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:31 pm

She sat at her desk, a bowl of mac and cheese before her, a stack of papers on her desk. She’d gone over the applications for new security personnel. After the security breach a week ago she was taking no chances. She’d made several calls and actually found several inhumans in the application pile. A few lone wolves she knew only in passing, some shifters as well.

She’d narrowed the pile to 3 good candidates, ironically a wolf, shifter and a human. The benefit of the inhumans was their keener senses and inhuman strength; however she questioned their motives for wanting to guard the king of Louisiana. She made a note to call the 3 potentials in the next few days to test them out.

Once that was done she stretched. She was worried about the king after his little field trip in the sunrise. She mostly blamed herself. She should have said no outright and just showed the king her virtual rooms but he was also a grown man, she couldn’t baby him or tell him what to do. She checked her clock. It was just after 3pm. The king was still resting after she’d fed him as much synthetic blood as she could before taking him to his bedroom.

She debated having some donors brought tonight so he could feed from real blood but he was always so adamant not to drink real blood, with this whole mainstreaming thing. She got up, taking her empty bowl and setting it on a tray for one of the servants to pick up. She stretched, figuring she’d head outside, enjoy what was left of the day.

As she walked she felt her left hand gravitating towards the ring she always wore. It was a strange sort of comfort, like her mother was still there with her. It was just such an ingrained part of her now that she even slept with it. As she headed outside the guards gave her a nod. The perimeter was heavily secured but she was just going to lie on the grass in front of the manor, soak up some sun. She checked her phone; no messages of importance so she set her phone on the lawn then laid down herself, letting her mind just wonder off.

Daydreams filled with wolves, woods, running and a man she didn’t recognized filled her head. It felt like he was someone of importance but she couldn’t even see his face, or even figure out who he was. She somehow knew however that he was a vampire, and he was sworn to protect her and her pack. That he would never hurt her, and in fact, that he felt something strong for her. But that couldn’t be right… she didn’t even know this man, didn’t know his name, how could he POSSIBLY feel anything for her?

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