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Blood On My Hands

Bill Compton

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Sexual Blood On My Hands

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:08 pm

As the cool evening breeze brushed past my dead corpse like skin, sending a prickle of cool waves that felt like soft sand, sending a moment of clarity, a moment of softness that felt like a gentle touch of warm skin.

Closing my eyes, listening to the owl in the distance, its sound echoing the through the silent night. Leaves brushing past the moist soft grass as they mimicked how i was feeling, my thoughts, my feelings all crushing me.

A weight on un-beating heart, something i have never felt before. As though i was drowning in a deep dark abyss of guilt and remorse.

Staring into the river once again, my reflection, my eyes caught my own gaze as they started back at me, fresh blood falling from my eyes. Memories, the fresh taste of blood that still lingered in my mouth, the taste of Kiara's blood coated my lips.


I lunged at her, spun her around. With Kiara's back now against my front, i bared my fangs and bit down deeply and savagely on her neck, her scream filled the room and as i wrapped my arms around her waist constricting her movement. As i bit down savagely on her neck once again and pulled more blood into my mouth, my primal vampire had risen again.

More blood filled my mouth, and her screams got quieter and quieter

I dropped his head back and let out a feral growl as Kiara lay in my arms.

*End of Flashback*

I could feel more of my blood tears trickle down my face as they coated my already red short, blood seeping through to my dead skin. Shuddering at the memory as Kiara and Jessica's screams echoed around me.

Staring down at my hands, the memory of blood flashed through my mind, my hands were covered in the her blood. The woman i claimed to love.

I had taken the life of someone that i had loved, my hands were for eternity stained by her blood. I tried to block out her screams as i felt her blood still coursing through my veins, clenching my fists together as my skin strained against all my strength, my knuckles turning a shade of pale white.

I could feel Jessica was calm and safe, which sent me a sort of comfort, a comfort knowing that she was safe, and no where close to me. I knew what i had to do, feeling as though i was losing a part of myself, i slowly felt my body close the bond between us. Slowly at first, but as i could no longer feel the strong connection between us any longer.....i finally closed the bond completely.

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