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It's all down hill from here


Sexual It's all down hill from here

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:11 am

I rushed to Merlotte's and opened the door. A gun pointed in my face as I held my hands up. What was this yet another set up? And Hoyt in on it again? Sam stuck up for me and it made me smile to see I had friends. I sped up to the redneck and threatened him. His blood smelled kinda gross, and I wasn't hungry he was lucky. I'd have snapped his neck just for the hell of it. Seeing Lafayette with his rifle made me grin. I smiled at Sam and took a seat at a booth and looked around waiting for Hoyt. The doors opened again as I perked up to see Jason come in and run into the redneck leaving. Oh...no. He looked...okay. He seemed to be healed and better. I looked a little puzzled as to why he was here, as he did me. He didn't seem to remember anything, which was good. Maybe Quinn was able to give him a magic potion or have someone glamour him? I wasn't complaining that helped me a million times over. Pretending that nothing happened as well we both turned as the door opened again and Hoyt walked in. I looked to Jason for some sort of clue as to what was happening.

Neither one of us saw that coming. At all. Forget...make him forget it all. Me...Jason...Us...everything. I was his first love as he was mine. He was my first everything. Sorta. And he wanted to have no memory of it. Erase Jason and I from his memory. I fought back everything I had not to break down in tears as I tried to convince him it wasn't the way. He was hurting...deeply. This was what he wanted. All he wanted...and he asked and then demanded it. I looked to Jason for some sort of advice, and all I got was such heartache. He was losing his best friend forever. Alaska....over four thousand miles separating him from us...and no memory of it. I closed my eyes and gathered the strength and will power not to glamour him to forget this meeting. For once, I gave him exactly what he wanted to be happy. If this is what it took, I owed him that.

After taking one last smell of his scent so I wouldn't forget I told him my last Goodbye. Turning around and walking out was the hardest thing I'd done in a while. Blood tears ran down my cheeks as I headed back to the mansion. To be alone, to think, to figure everything out. As I took my jacket off and slowly walked into the living room area I looked at the couch. So many memories of Hoyt there....so many memories of him everywhere. Jason had taken off after leaving Merlotte's and I knew he needed his space. I took a seat on the cushion and ran my hand along the back, closing my eyes and remembering our first kiss. The first time I'd ever kissed a guy before, and the embarassment of my fangs. I could still smell his scent, but something interrupted my moment. I quickly turned my head and heard footsteps. Speeding to the doors and opening them to guards dressed in black.

"Miss Hamby I need you to come with us. Your maker sent for you." said a petite female guard.
I dropped my fangs. "Bullshit. Now get outta my house!" Suddenly she raised a phone in my face and I saw Bill on the screen. My heart dropped and I retracted my fangs. "Bill...are you okay? Are you in some kinda trouble?" I listened to him and rolled my eyes. How fatherly. Great now what.

After exiting the elevator I looked around confused. I didn't remember this place, but I did...."If someone doesn't tell me what's going on, I will go ape-shit!" Bill encased me in his arms and told me I was safe and would have my own quarters. "So this is about the True Blood factories? Bill...whats going on?" After his grand tour of the Authority facility I tried to act amazed. He began to speak of a bible. "Sounds a lot like the bible study my momma and daddy made me do." Yes I left one god fearing Christian crazy family for yet another. Wonderful. I skimmed through the pages of the book and shook my head. His next words about the coming age made me turn around and ask what he meant. He avoided the question with wanting to show me my room, but suggested reading this bible with an open mind. Yeah..okay. "Sure, lead the way..." I HAD to call Kiara...Jason...anyone. Oh this wasn't good at all.

After I awoke the next night, I showered and selected some clothes he had already put in the armoire and grabbed my phone off the charger. No bars...damn. I walked around the room, in the bathroom, no doors since we were underground. I didn't have the latest phone but I knew Bill did. He was always getting the newest things. I padded across the hall into his quarters and snuck in. I didn't see him anywhere so I picked up the phone needing to call Jason and Kiara. I jumped when he called out my name. "Oh hey Bill....I was wondering if I could use your phone, mine doesn't work down here."

He grinned. "For what purpose?" As he came closer. "I gotta warn Jason. When you were gone, I had to stop Steve Newlin from attacking him twice, and now that Russell and him are on the loose I'm afraid he's gonna do it again. So can I use it?"
He looked like he could care less. "I'm sorry but no."
I turned around shocked. "No? Jason is out there, he's a sittin' duck! Sookie too!" He began to hook his cuff links. "Jessica, It has taken me a long while to come to terms with the fact that, part of accepting the word of Lilith into my heart has been distancing myself from the trivial matters of humans. It used to drive me crazy, worrying about their feelings and their mortality and their weakness. Until I found a better way. Lilith's way. Jason and Sookie and the inhabitants of Bon Temp are no longer our concern. They are food and nothing more." I shook my head at him shocked, appalled, scared. "You...can't mean that" He placed his hands on each side of my face. "You will see, in time. Now I'm sorry but I have other matters that I must attend to." He walked around me and I felt like my heart fell out of my butt. I couldn't let Jason or anyone else be FOOD. They were...friends. People I cared for and deep down he did too. Without thinking I turned around and asked "What if...I made him a va...vampire?" After the words left my mouth I stood there wondering if I was serious, if he would allow it and if I could even do that to him. What....did I just say? And....what did this mean?

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