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Waiting For The Event

Bill Compton

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Sexual Waiting For The Event

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:56 pm

Twirling the black mask between his fingers as Bill sat at his desk at his home. With a glass of blood in a crystal chalice in his hand. Pam had reminded him that the King of Louisiana would require to attend this farce of a Masquerade Ball that had been arranged at Fangtasia. He had hung up the phone with her moments ago, after she filled him in on all the details. He did not want to be there tonight, but after she had droned on and on about it for the last few weeks, it seems he could not escape it. Wearing nothing extravagant apart from a crisp black tuxedo, a silk white shirt and a small black mask. It seems that tonight was unavoidable.....Bill drained his glass of the True Blood, after all this trouble that Pam and Eric were going through, he hoped that they had ordered in Royal Blend. If anything, there would need to be Royal Blend. Waiting for the night ahead.....time for the King to make an appearance.

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