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A Nice Soreness to Work Out Today

Kenya Jones

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Sexual A Nice Soreness to Work Out Today

Post by Kenya Jones on Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:19 am

*Crawls out of the hotel bed sore but with a rare smile on my face, the SWAT course is going swimmingly. I have made some great contacts and have impressed most of the staff and other students. I know most of the course work, but it's bringing alot of it into play and some it's driving it home. Shaking my head I will be sad to leave when the course is over, dreading heading back to Bon Temps, and what waits in store for me to clean up. India was right which kind of burns, I needed to get away and just be Kenya, the student, person and something rare friend. I have missed being among people who respected me as person, not clean up crew to the FUBARS of the Renard Parish Sheriffs Office. Stretching laying out my clean BDU's and my black t-shirt for today's class. Afterwards we are going out for dinner and drinks. Dragging out a dress and some heels for that. Outside of church I rarely dress up. I like feeling feminine on occasion, wearing frilly things. Laughing inwardly there's one guy in the class that I have my eye on and he's with the Shreveport Police Dept. maybe tonight will turn the tide and Kenya gets a beau.*

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