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Breaking all the rules


Sexual Breaking all the rules

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:56 pm

I wondered where this mystery date would be. Jason and I had made plans to hang out together and I felt so giddy about it, couldn't wait to see him again. He was wanting to give us another try, so we'd have a true shot at things. Let's face it, lately we hadn't been having the most....connecting moments. We'd gone everywhere we could and never left the spot we stood, if that made any sense at all. Bill still not answering calls, I could just imagine where he was. Secretly, I feared he was gonna come after me and kill me because I wasn't on his side. That night brought back many horrible memories, but also a different kind of experience. I saw my maker go mad, Jason said he didn't want nothing to do with me, I was locked up for days...or nights? Well, both. And then...I got to see two chicks kiss. Never had I seen that in person, ever. It was...to say the least interesting. I was just happy that I was right for once. I called it and no one listened. Tara fought her feelings and so did Pam. She's too cold sometimes. She needs to soften up if she will ever let anyone in.

Now things were semi-settling down, and I felt better about talking to Jason and deciding to move forward. I only hoped it didn't end like Hoyt. There had to be some kind of future for us, some kind of hope. Was there an unwritten rule that said vampires and humans couldn't fall in love? If so I was going to break every one of them. Now, I just had to sit and wait for when he'd call. Which I hoped would be soon.

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