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A Nice Indian Summer Picnic

Kenya Jones

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Sexual A Nice Indian Summer Picnic

Post by Kenya Jones on Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:47 pm

*Scurries back into the classroom tardy, after a delicious Indian Summer picnic lunch with a particular classmate. The same classmate I have had drinks, 2 dinners and a muffin and coffee with. We both have a lot in common, he also has a background in the military law enforcement, also comes from a large family, attends church regularly. He volunteers at the senior center helping old veterans with the red tape the VA causes. We never have a lapse in the conversation. The only time I lost my train of thought was when he took my hand in his, and I swear on by all that is holy I felt current from his touch! He is such a gentleman that way. Big Mama and Mama would approve of him. Now my siblings will hate him with a passion, this much I know but I am sure I can talk India around when she sees how he treats a woman. Two more days of class and I will know then if this will turn into something or be a light flirtation. Either way it has been the best weeks of my year.*

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