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Bring Her Home

Bill Compton

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Sexual Bring Her Home

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:00 pm

"Northman, your not helping the situation, Have her taken down from display and keep her secure Northman. I will have someone come by and pick her up, a John Quinn...And if anything happens to her Eric....It will be your progeny's head on the line!" he snapped his cell phone closed.

He was furious with Pam for letting an innocent girl display herself like that in front of all those 'fangbangers'. He would have Pamela's head for this if anything happened too her.

He pulled out his cell and dialed the number for the Tiger - voice mail. Great.

"John...Jessica is at Fangtasia. Speak with Eric Northman, and bring her home"

Snapping his phone closed, he would wait, and he would make Jessica listen too him if it was the last thing he did. Dropping his phone onto his desk and he paced back and forth, praying that Quinn would bring her home and safe too him. He had things that he needed too say to her, apologize for his actions. If things could be repaired between them, it was his duty to follow them through, not only as her Maker, but her 'Father' of the sort. He would do anything to have Jessica home with him, safe and out of the danger and with the possibility of Victor Madden still out there, he wanted her home with him.

He had instructed his staff to have Jessica's room prepared for her arrival, and that her fridge be fully stocked with the best blood money could buy, he only wanted the best for his progeny. He had also instructed Marie, his own personal assistant to lay on the feminine touches to her room, and have the room filled with her favorite flowers as a way of his sincerest apologizes. He knew that he would have to accept Quinn as a permanent fixture in her life, which meant also his. But if it made Jessica happy too see that they could get along, then he would try for her.

And as for Eric Northman's progeny Pamela, he needed too meet with her, defying her King by allowing his progeny to display herself for the 'punters' at Fangtasia, it was not her decision to have allowed such things to happen when it concerned Jessica. Maintaining the fact that Northman had no knowledge of the incident, he would allow a free pass for him on this occasion, but his progeny otherwise needed too learn her place in his kingdom. He would call that following evening and arrange for Pam to see him, she would learn her place, he would attend Fangtasia that evening. He was the King of Louisiana, and Jessica was his progeny, he would not stand for anything. He was King.

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