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Waiting sucks

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Waiting sucks

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:52 pm

Bill had left to go find Bubba and Kiara left to her own devices was never a good thing. First thing first she walked around the mansion, having to get reacquainted with all the rooms. The moment she found the gym where usually the guards worked out she stopped there. She found several machines and began to work out like a demon.

From the treadmill, to leg crunches, pushups, pull ups, to plenty of weight training. By the time she was done she’d killed two hours and her muscles burned and protested.

“Gods I’m out of shape…” she muttered as she grabbed one of the many towels provided to wipe the sweat from her face and arms. Marie had been sort of following her for the last bit, wondering if she needed anything. Kiara found her funny if not a bit motherly hen like. “Relax Marie…I’m fine, Bill won’t be angry with you I promise” she said. Marie seemed skeptical but as Kiara walked out of the gym and just chatted with the staff she seemed to relax a bit. Marie had a tray of food brought to the guest room and Kiara excused herself to shower.

It was only in the solitude of the steamy shower that she groaned. Perhaps she’d been too bruised and weak before but finally the effects of Bill’s blood finally hit her. Like a punch in the stomach, but much more sexual suddenly every drop of warm water caressed her intimately, every sound seemed amplified. She closed her eyes, her mind wondering.

She pictured herself and Bill, in his office. The manor would be empty. Knowing him he’d want her on her lap, he’d always loved her legs around him. He wouldn’t care about the furniture. He’d take her like it was first and only time he’d get to do so. Just thinking of him, the looks he always gave her, like it was the first time he was seeing her and he was drinking her in and burning the image of her body into her mind.

His body which was strong from his life as a human, yet with skin that was that vampire flawless. He could make anything look good, even nothing which was better.

She opened her eyes with a gasp and swore. She was feeling hot and it had nothing to do with the water which had already turned cold. She stepped out, taking time to dry herself, her skin tingling, like static electricity was touching her. She wrapped her body in a towel and stepped out. Even the food which was so inviting wasn’t going to quell the hunger that had taken residence inside her. Instead she turned on the fireplace in her room and sat down by the fire, pulling her legs close. She closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath.

“Bill…come home soon” she whispered, not knowing how much her own self control would hold.

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