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Jessica grew up in a God-fearing middle-class family in Louisiana who home-schooled her. Her parents were devout Christians who stressed strict studies, good grades and, of course, faith in Jesus. Her father beat her with his belt for the smallest error in her chores or bad grades. Her mother was either too oblivious to notice or simply ignored the unpleasantness, an optimist to a fault.
Her family life was very repressed. Every privilege was earned through chores and/or studies. She was not allowed a cell phone or a computer. She was only allowed to listen to Christian music, and her clothes were plain, old-fashioned hand-me-downs, particularly knee-length dresses. She was taught to act and sit like a proper lady, and was forced to take up the clarinet.

However, being a 17 year old girl, she was not completely blind to popular culture. Jessica listened to different genres of music at school and talked with her friends about the latest events. One afternoon, after her friends suggested sneaking out to a classmate's party, Jessica readily agreed. It was her first time doing something so disobedient, and she knew she'd pay dearly if caught. Of course, she never imagined she would pay for her night of fun with her mortal life.
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Merlotte's Bar and Grill waitress/hostess

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