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Nora is a vampire who was "made" by Godric centuries ago. She works as a double agent within the Vampire Authority.

Nora is described as being intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar. She loves her "brother" deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose.

Physical appearance
Nora is described as being centuries old, but was turned between the ages of 25-35. She is said to be beautiful.

The only female member of the Authority is seen during Eric's interrogation. After Eric expresses his desire for revenge against Russell Edgington she leans over to her collegue and whispers something in his ear. The fact that Eric is subsequently cleared of all charges and given permission to execute Russell may be related to this.(Everything Is Broken) Also Bill metions that Eric has 'friends in high places' he may have been referring to Nora. In "And When I Die" Nan tries to enlist both Bill and Eric by telling them there are factions within the AVL against the Authority too, saying then to Eric that he knows what she is talking about. She may have been talking about Nora here as well.

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Double Agent

Nora Gainsborough


Rank: Authority Minion
Authority Minion

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