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Constance was born in 1862 in Solero, Italy. Her family was raided by ronin vampires when she was in her late teens and she was taken captive. She was a prisoner for a few years but managed to give her captors the True Death. The patron vampire of the region was saddened at the loss of such a loyal family from his holdings and took Constance under his wing. Over the following years, she showed an aptitude for politics and a passion for life that impressed him. On her 25th birthday, he turned her, forever locking her beauty in place. She stayed at his side, rising in the vampire ranks by her own merit until she became the Grand Adviser to Christian, the Italian King in the early part of the 20th century. When he met the true death in the 1930's, she was in the right position to take power and has held her position since then. Her fair hand and patience has always served her well, as has her ability to judge potential in those around her.
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Rome, Italy
Job :
Vampire Queen of Italy

Queen Constance


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