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All about Bill Compton

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William Thomas Compton was born April 9, 1835. Bill lived as a farmer in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana with his wife Caroline Holliday Compton and their two children, Sarah and Thomas. A turning point in Bill’s life occurred in January, 1861 when South Carolina seceded from the Union. Louisiana seceded that month, as well. On April 12, 1861 hostilities began when a small Confederate force attacked the U.S. military installation at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. These actions gave birth to the American Civil War and Bill joined the Confederate army under Colonel Henry Gray, Confederate 28th Louisiana Regiment. Bill attained the rank of first lieutenant during his service.

1st Lt. William T. Compton, Louisiana 28th Regiment, CSA
When the war ended in 1865 the only thing Bill wanted was to be home with his wife and children. Losing his way home, after taking a shortcut, he found a small cabin owned by widow who offered him food and shelter. The widow, Lorena Krasiki, was intrigued by the married man’s morals and honorable behavior because, as we learn, each man who had come before Bill succumbed to Lorena’s sexual advances. At that moment, Lorena saw Bill as more than just food. She needed him. Instead of feeding on him and piling his body among the other scattered corpses in the room, Lorena decided to make Bill a vampire.

In 1926 Bill continued his love/hate relationship with Lorena and joined her in viciously attacking and feeding on humans. By 1935, they were comfortably living in luxury in Los Angeles. Bill however, was done with living Lorena’s lifestyle. His humanity clawed at him from the inside and he begged Lorena to release him. This infuriated her but Bill made it clear that he would rather die than live another minute with her. He threatened to stake himself. Lorena saw the truth in his eyes, and knowing he would follow through with his threat of suicide, she conceded and released Bill.

The true death is better than being with Lorena. Decades later, when Japanese scientists engineered True Blood, a synthetic bottled blood, the vampires revealed themselves to the world -”came out of the coffin”- and the Great Revelation began. The creation of the synthetic blood allowed Bill to “mainstream” – live among humans equally. It took many years for Bill to crawl out of the blackness of his past and embrace humanity. When Jesse Compton, Bill’s last living relative, passed away leaving him the Compton house in Bon Temps, Bill moved back to his home town.

Bill Compton has one progeny.....Jessica Hamby
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Bon Temps
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King of Louisiana

Bill Compton

Bill Compton

Rank: King
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