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Holly is the first witch introduced in the series. She is the mother of two sons, Wade and Rocky Cleary and the ex-wife of an abusive alcoholic. She is first seen applying for a job at Merlotte's to Arlene. After getting a job at Merlotte's, Holly explains to Sam that she is a Wiccan and offers him an herbal remedy to cure his stress. Holly later assists Arlene Bellefleur with a spell that would rid her of her unwanted baby.

Holly is a long time Wiccan because of issues with her mother , And due to this she has considerable power able to commence a ritual to possibly kill Arlene's baby by herself . And (with the help of Sookie and Tara) create a barrier so strong as to repel to the combined power of Lafayette possessed Marnie harnessing the power of the Jesus's demon making her perhaps one of the most powerful witches in Bon Temps second only to Lafayette. The complete extent of Holly's powers are not yet known but she may have powerful abilities due to the fact that she is the only Wiccan to tap into mystical energies like conjuring the spirits of Samhain, creating a shield arond Eric and Bill so Marnie (while possessing Lafayette) couldn't get to them, and breaking Marnie/Antonia's sun barrier spell. So it is unknown if Holly will later tap into real magic
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Bon Temps, LA
Job :
Waitress at Merlotte's

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