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John Quinn is a full-blooded weretiger who first appears in the fifth book Dead as a Doornail. Quinn is portrayed as being at least six and a half feet tall, impressively muscular, bald, and having purple eyes (often compared to the color of pansies). As a supernatural coordinator for the Extreme(ly Elegant) Events company, his job is to arrange and emcee all types of supernatural community events, such as a packmaster contest or a wedding. He becomes Sookie's romantic interest for a while. He does not reveal anything about his life to Sookie, and she only learns about his history through other people—when he was 15, he kills a bunch of humans who had been raping his mother, then seeks assistance from local vampires to clean up the mess. In exchange, the vampires demand his servitude for three years as a weretiger in gladiatorial events. Quinn has a mentally ill mother in addition to a teenaged sister, and both require his attention and protection. Sookie breaks up with him in the eighth book. In the ninth book, Dead and Gone, Quinn returns to see Sookie at her home in Bon Temps, but ends up in a fight with Bill over Sookie's protection. While Bill walks away with minor injuries, Quinn suffers several broken ribs and a broken jaw and has to flee. But Quinn continues to seek new encounters with Sookie. And eventually finds one.
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Bon Temps, Louisiana
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Extremely Elegant Events

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