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All about Lafayette Reynolds

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Lafayette Reynolds is the short order cook at Merlotte's Bar and Grill, cousin of Tara Thornton, nephew of Lettie Mae Daniels, medium, and also a witch.

Lafayette is a flamboyant, charismatic homosexual man. Although partaking in very illegal activities, he's a good person at heart, and is careful not to harm his customers with the drugs he deals. He takes care of his loved ones, no matter what strange problems they have. He is suspicious and went through a lot in his life. He is the kind of guy with a sense of black humor.

Prior to season one, Lafayette was kicked out by his mother for coming out of the closet. He lives alone in his own house, however it is frequented by many different guests.
Gender :
Location :
Bon Temps
Job :
Merlotte's Cook/Entrepreneur

Lafayette Reynolds


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