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Luna is the second shapeshifter, after Sam, that Sookie meets in Living Dead in Dallas. It is implied that she shapeshifts into a bat. Luna is a Hispanic/Native American woman with dark eyes and hair. While working undercover at The Fellowship of the Sun (FotS), she helps Sookie escape from the murderous members of the church. Through Luna, Sookie learns that there are many other ‘supes’ (supernatural beings) in this world. Janina Gavankar portrays Luna in HBO's True Blood.

In the HBO Series Luna is introduced as a shifter friend of Sam's during the 4th season. She has a young daughter Emma and had been married to the packmaster of Shreveport; Marcus. Because of that Marcus is very jealous and drops in to see Luna and his daughter often without warning. Sam grows attached to Luna which Marcus does not approve of. Luna ends up sleeping with Sam's younger brother Mickey but Mickey had skinwalked and had taken on the form of Sam. It's a small bump in the road of the relationship. At the end of season 4 Sam with the help of Alcide end up killing Marcus and Luna is free from him, but ends up leaving Sam to gather herself and help her daughter adjust.
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Bon Temps, Louisiana
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Elementary School Teacher

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