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A nightmare in hell

Nora Gainsborough
Nora Gainsborough
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Sexual A nightmare in hell

Post by Nora Gainsborough on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:50 pm

My eyes grew wide as the rest of the scenery started to fade. The ground started to shake and crumble beneath my feet. I started to fall, falling into nothing but darkness. My mouth opened wide as if I were screaming but nothing had come out. I kept falling and falling until finally, my eyes shot wide open.
I opened up my coffin and sat up. I looked around the room making sure this wasn't another dream. I touched my face to be certain. I sighed in relief once I knew it wasn't. I crawled out of my coffin and started getting ready for work. As I was preparing myself for the evening, memories of the dream had floated back to me. "Pam and I?" I asked myself. " As friends?" I snarled at the thought and knew that would be an impossible circumstance between her and I. She's too arrogant to be considered anything at all.
I tried to shake off the memories of that miserable dream. I started to remember that during the dream I had been human and - I paused for a moment and tried to deny it because I was too ashamed to even think of me being that way, but I was weak. I even had what the adolescent humans called 'parents' who had mistreated me, which would never happen, especially humans. Ever. They wouldn't dare touch me or else I would rip out their throats. I growled under my breath at the thought of anyone trying to mistreat me or order me around. More memories flowed back, crashing to the surface of my thoughts like waves on the shore of a beach. Thoughts of Pam being my savior and leading me away from those miserable humans. I rolled my eyes at the thought of her even being a savior to anyone for that matter, except for my brother, oh and herself of course. I sighed heavily in irritation at this dream and hoped for it to never happen again. Ever.

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