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Dark Tidings...

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Dark Tidings...

Post by John Quinn on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:23 pm

Quinn slipped through the underbrush, slowly stocking his prey. His enhanced senses told him that his target was only about a quarter mile ahead of him and that he was not alone. He had obviously brought enforcers with him to protect the shipment. Quinn broke into a run, keeping to the underbrush until he got just out of earshot then he padded closer and slipped his head through the foliage to watch his pray at work. The dealer was reducing the shipment down to vials from the large jugs it was transported in. They were so involved in their work that they didn’t notice that they are being watched. There had been a mistake they would not live to regret, as Quinn pulled back out of sight and consider his options.

Quinn shifted his weight, dropping the bags that were draped across his back and slowly shifted back to human form. Moving as quiet as possible he pulled his clothes and weapons from the pack and waited for the right moment. He listens carefully to her conversation, waiting for his cue…

“Hey Sticks, I’ll be back. I gotta go take a leak.”

The dealer nodded, but didn’t stop what he was doing and barely looked up. The enforcer they had spoken started moving toward Quinn, so he backed up and waited for his moment. Once the enforcer was out of sight, Quinn slipped up behind him while he was occupied and caught him by the neck. Just enough pressure to his neck and the enforcer’s eyes rolled back in his head as he passed out. Quinn slowly lowered onto the ground, injecting him with a sedative and leaving him where he was. Quinn moved back to watch the dealer and his other enforcer, waiting again for the right moment.

Sticks looked up after a little while, turning his gaze nervously around their makeshift camp…

“Where is Bruno? How long does it take that ass hole to piss? We have shit to do.”

“I don’t know, Sticks. Want I should go look for him?”

“Yeah, sure… Just don’t get lost like him. Stupid jackass probably got lost in the woods taking a piss.”

Quinn just shook his head. He could not believe how easy they were making this. He circled wide around the camp, watching where the other enforcer walked into the woods. He pulled out one of the syringes and palmed it as he tracked the enforcer.

Once they were far enough away that the struggle cannot be heard, he slipped up grabbed the man and injected the syringe into his neck. As he lowered the man to the ground, he thought he smelled something familiar. He shook it off knowing he had to be imagining things. He worked his way back to the camp, but by this time Sticks had figured out something was wrong. He had picked up along Bowie knife and was turning around over and over. He wasn’t going to sneak up on this one so there is no point in trying. He circled to the point where the second enforcer had left the camp and with a slow measured pace walked directly toward Sticks with his hands empty.

“Calm down, Sticks. This doesn’t have to go badly, unless you make it go badly. Just set the blade down and lay on the ground. That V is not worth your life.”

Sticks snarled at him and spit on the ground, “Bullshit, man. You already did my men, why would I think you’d let me walk. If you want to bleed, feel free to try it.”

Quinn shook his head, chuckling darkly.

“I don’t know if you were born this stupid, or if you had the study. I do know one thing though. You’re about to feel some pain…”

Quinn reached behind him pulling out a steel baton, and reversing his and grip on it, he slowly began to start to circle the dealer. He watched carefully the way the man held the knife. He was obviously untrained but even a foolish fighter can get lucky. The foolish ones were the ones he had been more careful with because they are the ones that you couldn’t predict. He continued to circle the dealer over and over, trying to confuse him or goad him into lunging. His nose picked up that strange scent again, but I also picked up the fact that this dealer was on a lot of V. that would make them even more dangerous…

Sticks grinned when he saw Quinn pull the baton out and begin the circle. He took that to mean that Quinn was worried about his knife. He should be. Sticks flipped the blade back and forth always keeping the tip toward the stranger. He didn’t know what it happened to his men, but he was not going to be caught off guard. He watched and waited, knowing that batons weight would eventually get to his attacker. He waited until Quinn’s hand dipped a bit and made his move.

Quinn saw this on as being careful and knew we had to do something or he’d be here all night. He purposely let his wrist droop with the weight of the baton, seemingly due to the weight. When Sticks longed for him he slammed the baton into the man’s wrist, shattering it. The dealer let out a bloodcurdling scream from the pain but didn’t fall. The V in his system was obviously helping him maintain his focus. Too bad it wouldn’t help him with anything else. Quinn shifted his weight and swung low, slamming the baton across the man’s knees to shatter them. The man’s howling pain caused him to crumple to the ground. Quinn kicked him in the temple to knock him out or at least silence him. The man’s body slumped and Quinn smiled. Turning toward the table the dealer had been working at he scooped up the knife the man had dropped and threw it into the tangle of ropes supporting the makeshift table. As the table dropped, the large bottles of V began to shatter but some of the vials simply rolled off into the dirt. He walked forward scooping them up to look for markings. The symbol he saw on the vials made him pause… He turned as that strange scent once again came to his nose, and stronger this time.

He heard the stick snap before she even entered the clearing…

“What the hell are you doing here, Dimona? You should know better than to try to come into my territory.”

The female vampire strolled into the clearing as if she was on a nature walk, glancing at the unconscious dealer and shaking her head…

“Now Jonathan, is that any way to treat an old friend… Or more?”

“Dimona, you have no place here and no rights here. We are not in Calcutta now. You were on my territory and have no protections here. Russell is dead, his forces are scattered and now I find you, one of his most trusted lieutenants, in my backyard. Why the hell would you be stupid enough to try to pedal this shit in my backyard? Have you really sunk that low, or you just that desperate to die?”

Dimona sauntered up, laying her hands on his chest, and smiled suggestively…

“Jonathan… We had so much fun in the old days… Why can’t we just renew old friendships...or more...”

She leaned close inhaling the scent on his skin… And grinned.

“… Oh my, Jonathan the purist. I can smell it in your blood. You’ve been taking vampire blood. So much high talk and righteousness… All for naught. The mighty Jonathan Quinn is now a pet of a vampire. From the perfume I can smell on your clothing, she does have nice taste but to what you thought that the mighty Quinn whatever truly fall for a vampire. She must be quite impressive, perhaps I’ll pay her a call…”

“You will leave this region by morning or you will never leave it, Dimona.”

Quinn reached down and picked up a broken branch, smirking.

“While I see you haven’t lost your sense of drama, Jonathan. Our paths will cross again…”

With vampire speed she disappeared from sight before Quinn could react. As he looked after her, his grip tightened on the branch.

“Dimona, the next time we meet… One of us will not survive the meeting and…”

He sighed, throwing the branch the ground in disgust. How the hell could you show up here now, when things were finally going right… This could mean trouble.

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