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They Were Dreams...Weren't They?

Hoyt Fortenberry
Hoyt Fortenberry

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Sexual They Were Dreams...Weren't They?

Post by Hoyt Fortenberry on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:08 am

Hoyt and Jessica's First Meeting

Hoyt continued to twiddle the crust of his bread between his fingertips of his broiled cheese and chip sandwich. It was the first time that his mama had made this for him since he had come home from Anchorage. He knew than eventually he would have to go back, he knew his job was safe and there for him when he returned, he had been in contact with his boss who knew that he needed sometime off, but Hoyt promised that he would return soon. But yet he knew there was something that was keeping him here, but yet he couldn't figure it out. Boy this sandwich did smell good, but Hoyt had lost his appetite as he dropped the crust and pushed his plate away from him. Maxine who sat across from him had her nose in one of those new catalog's that she had been ordering from.

"What's wrong Hoyt? You ain't touched your food....You ill?...Should I call the Doctor?" she questioned him.

"No mama...I am fine..Just not hungry is all" as he took a drink of his beer.

"Then what is it Hoyt? I am your mama...tell me" she urged him further.

"Mama....what do you know about Jessica? The waitress that works in Merlotte's?" he questioned as he looked to his mama.

"Jessica Hamby....is a vampire. Sweet girl, no parents, she is Bill Compton's kid. Such a nice gentlemen that man, but i don't trust him as far as I could throw him...Why do you ask?" she asked as she shoveled another piece of apple and blueberry pie into her mouth.

"No reason....I am going to bed...Tired" he smiled and stood from the kitchen table and walked around to kiss her mama on the cheek who was waiting for it.

"Night Hoyt...Mama loves you" she smirked.

"Love you to mama...night" he called back at her as he closed the door to his bedroom...that had been left the same when he left, except fresh sheets on his bed that smelled like jasmine and lily.

Hoyt didn't want to tell his mother any more than she needed to know. But he knew. Every since he had met Jessica, he couldn't get her out of his mind. He had been dreaming of her, almost every night since he had met her. But yet he was remembering things that couldn't be true, he had only just met her.

Hadn't he?

Maxine Fortenberry's Famous Broiled Cheese and Chip Sandwich


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