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That Was A Close Call

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual That Was A Close Call

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:05 am

After spending many hours exploring his own body inside Kiara's, he had found that even his body reacted to Kiara's in ways that he never thought possible. He had seen the glow in her eyes through her own, had felt things that she had never told him about, how the were inside her became more stronger with each touch he made. As though he were touching pure light, blinded by Kiara. He had never felt like this before, not with Sookie. For some reason this was different, he had taken Kiara in ways that he had never taken anyone before. And that had scared him a little, to feel such a deep connection to someone after everything that he had done. He opened his eyes and ran his hand through his hair; only realizing that it was his own hand, and it was his own hair.

He shot up from the bed, his eyes frantically searching the room as they cast across to the large bedroom window, the sun was brightening the horizon but had begun to break beyond the clouds. Shades of reds and yellows brightening the morning sky to start a new day.

That Was A Close Call Sunris10

He searched out the clock on the bedside table that flashed just after 5:28am. Hos body had instantly jolted him awake to alert him that he needed to take shelter for the day. For one thing, he was glad to be back in his body, he had missed it. Although he would miss being able to bask in the rays of the sun without harm, and being able to consume human foods, the memories of those doings would live with him for eternity. He felt his body becoming weak, bleeds forming in the hollows of his ears, tricking-ling and tickling as it seeped from his ears. He turned to glance at Kiara who was nestled beside him, heavily wrapped in a duvet. He climbed out of the bed and slipped on only but his black pants and zipped them up. He would take shelter in a secret hiding hole that he had built inside the large wardrobe. The blood from his ears trickled down his cheeks and spotted on the bed and pillows. His body deafening and becoming almost unmovable as the sun continued to rise. He climbed inside the wardrobe and activated a secret passage that led him to a light-tight room. He settled himself as his body now took control. What had caused this change? Was it just he and Kiara that had experienced this change? With so many unanswered questions lingering in his mind. His body pulled him under for his rest.

That Was A Close Call Rsz_2i10

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