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Looking For Stackhouse

Hoyt Fortenberry
Hoyt Fortenberry

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Sexual Looking For Stackhouse

Post by Hoyt Fortenberry on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:06 am

With everything that had been going on around him, now that he was back in his 'normal' man body he had just about had enough of all this supernatural stuff, messing with his head; vampires, faeries and now he had to deal with something or someone that was messing with him once again. Turning him into a woman. He hadn't seen Amy, he still had not been able to get a hold of her, he had visited her home, called her cell and had even called the diner where she worked and no one had seen her. He needed too see her, he needed to talk to her. But first he had bigger fish to fry. Jason Stackhouse. He didn't know if Jessica had called and warned him that he knew and remembered everything that she had made him forget. He had a score to settle, he wanted to see the guy that he once called friend, wanting to know. He never had the courage to see him face to face and to let it all out. Everything that he had kept locked away inside him. He needed to see him now.

Pulling up outside the station, the sun was blazing once again, creating a thin beading of sweat across Hoyt's skin, this was the best time to pay a visit to Jason when Jessica could not protect him. He sat patiently in his truck, his hand gripping the wheel, his knuckles turning white from the sheer tension that was building up inside him.

Looking For Stackhouse Police10

He scanned around again and there was no one to be seen. He hopped out of his car and walked the short distance to the entrance of the police station. Opening the creaking door he looked around for someone, but on the listen out for Jason. Not paying attention he jumped a little at the sudden appearance of Kenya.

"Now there Hoyt...What can i do for you?" she asked

Hoyt turned to see that she had followed in behind him.

Looking For Stackhouse Kenya10

"Hey there Kenya. I am looking for Jason. You seen him around?" he asked in a friendly tone.

"Stackhouse? Stackhouse is out of town for a few days. Andy sent him on some training weekend. He should be back end of the week. You want me too call him?" she asked as she picked up the phone.

"No. No. It's fine Kenya. I will catch him later. Don't tell him i stopped by. I want to surprise him" he smirked innocently.

"Sure. Will do. You say hi to your momma for me" she beamed.

"I sure will...Well bye now" Hoyt waved as exited the station, hoping that Kenya would stick to her word and not alert Jason that he was looking for him. Climbing back into his truck...He would wait, he would wait for the next few days until Jason got back, he would wait for their meeting. He was waiting for this, and now it was only a few days. A few days was nothing to Hoyt, he would wait.

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