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Baby, I missed you.

Luna Garza
Luna Garza

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Sexual Baby, I missed you.

Post by Luna Garza on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:34 am

She couldn't stop smiling. She hadn't thrown up all day, she didn't even have a twinge of pain and her precious peanut was moving around like crazy. She felt AMAZING! And best part of it yet? She wasn't fighting with Sam either. They hadn't really talked deeply about anything, definitely hadn't touched each other, but just being able to be in the same room now and NOT want to rip his head off was definitely a good feeling.

Right now he was back at Merlotte's and Emma was at school. So she was sitting on the couch with a bowl of chocolate ice cream and dipping Kosher Dill pickle spears into it. She couldn't help but laugh when she remembered Sam's face as he told her that he had eaten some of the weirdest things while he had been her. She also couldn't help but laugh as he ran to the bathroom every hour because of the cleanse she had started for him. Laughter... It was so nice.

She rubbed her stomach as it growled and she popped another pickle in her mouth, chewed and swallowed with a happy smile. He would be coming over after work and they'd talk. They'd talk about the pains she had been having, talk about how she had killed the vampire, and how they were going to make their relationship stronger. For once? That was a conversation she couldn't wait for. Life was finally back to normal.

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