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Waking up in Bon Temps

Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual Waking up in Bon Temps

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:00 am


-she laughed. And laughed hard, harder than she had in a long, long while. Her hands went to her breasts and she bounced up and down before throwing her hands up in the air and laughing even louder. She was back to normal! No more peeing standing up, no more awkward boners, no more drinking blood and no more having to stay in the dark. She didn't know how he did it; she had an entirely different form of respect for him. To deal with the crap that he dealt with on a daily (well, nightly) basis while remaining as sane as he was, he deserved a little less crap from her-

-she hummed to herself as she started to wash her hair, relishing the sensation of her hair running through her fingers and the water dripping down her body. It was so nice to be back in her body. And today she would make sure to appreciate every second. She was going to work, gonna eat some of Terry's apple pie, drink some of Arlene's amazing sweet tea and not worry about any of the looks she got for being 'hitched' to a vamper. She was going to let the patron's think what they wanted, do what they wanted and she wasn't going to say a thing about it.-

-after she was showered, shaved, washed and dried she got out and dressed in her work uniform then slipped on her white tennis shoes. She had a long shift today and wanted to get there early so that she could eat before starting. Still smiling, she grabbed her keys and headed out the door to her car so she could head to work.-

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