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Getting Ready For The Test

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Getting Ready For The Test

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:19 pm

Jason had only meant to close his eyes for a moment. He must have been more tired than he thought, because he quickly fell asleep on top of the couch. He wore nothing but his boxer shorts. Jason had never been shy and Hoyt was too indebted to say anything. He was a guest in Jason's house after all.

Suddenly, a loud pounding at the front door interrupted Jason's restful sleep. He immediately sprang from the couch, but stubbed his toe on the coffee table.

"Fuck" he grumbled as he danced around on one foot. "This had better be good."

As Jason staggered to the front door, he saw Andy peering through the window. Jason smiled and immediately welcomed him inside.

"Jesus Christ, Stackhouse" Andy growled as he caught sight of Jason in nothing but his underwear. "You ain't even dressed"

Jason huffed defensively. "It's my house"

"It's my time" Andy pushed passed Jason and saw the study guide on the table. "Did you even open that book up?"

"Andy, I swear. I've been studying all day."

Andy narrowed his eyes. "Then why does it look like you've just woke up?"

"I can't take a break?"

"Alright, Stackhouse," Andy sighed and took a seat on the couch. "I'm here to help you study."

"Great!" Jason flung himself on the couch next to Andy. "Where do we begin?"

"Just relax now," Andy replied as he flipped through the study guide. "I'm going to ask you some questions."


Andy cleared his throat. "How is police efficiency measured in community policing?"

Jason bunched his face. "Community policing?"

"Yes. How is police efficiency measured in community policing?"

"What's community policing?"

Andy groaned. "Stackhouse, the introduction of this book explains the differences between traditional and community policing. Don't tell me you didn't even get that far."

"Come on, Andy. No one reads the introductions."

"They do if they want to work on the police force," Andy answered heatedly.

"Alright," the blond waved dismissively. "Moving on."

Andy sighed and flipped to another page. "What is your next step after reading and explaining the Miranda Warnings?"

"Miranda Warnings?"

Andy was close to losing his tempter. "Stackhouse!"

"I'm kidding!" Jason assured quickly. "You shove the asshole in the backseat and take him to the station."

"Wrong, Jason. You try to obtain their waiver of rights."

"You mean people just give up their rights?"

"Stackhouse, you're not taking this seriously." Andy's voice dropped to a threatening tone.

"I am! Andy, I swear! I'm going to be the best cop ever."

"You have yet to prove any potential. Tell me, how do you ask for a waiver of rights?"

"Come on, Andy. You know I don't know that."

"Work with me, Jason. There are three questions you have to ask. Give me one."

Jason frowned and thought for a moment. However, it wasn't worth the effort. "You wanna get something to eat?"

Andy growled. "Jason, give me one!"

"I don't know!"

"Damn it, Stackhouse! You're not even trying!"

"I'm sorry! Just tell me the answer, alright?"

"First you ask them if they understand their rights. Then you asked them if they are willing to answer questions. Then you ask if they will answer the questions without a lawyer present."

Jason smiled and nodded. "That does sound familiar. I think I saw that on the television."

"Damn it, Jason!"

Jason flinched away. "Jesus Christ, Andy. Calm the fuck down."

How much more of Andy could Jason take? This was going to be a long ass day. Jason was going to need a beer or three.

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