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The Progeny of The King of Louisiana


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Sexual The Progeny of The King of Louisiana

Post by Christian on Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:31 am

God! Did that girl ever shut up? All she ever did was talk, talk, talk. It was a curse not having to breath, she even started to make my ears ache. 'Don't drain any humans' 'Don't leave this house unless I am with you' It struck me as to why Bill chose to turn her? Of all the people that he could have turned he chose her. What was so special about her that he felt the need to keep her around and to toss me aside like an old rag doll? It made my blood boil that 'King William Compton' was so special that he had evaded the punishment that he would receive if anyone knew what he had done too me. He would meet the True Death...and I would watch him...I knew what that would mean for me.

But at this moment, i did not care. I had spent 115 of my immortal life blocking out everything from my mind. I did not care for anything nor anyone. Damn! Why did i let that wolf bitch get too me? All the things she said about Bill;

“He killed me! He made me a monster! He wasn’t even there when I woke up he just…let me die!”

"We all have darkness within us...I’ve killed my share of people before, vampires included. Just because of that doesn't mean we don’t deserve a chance at happiness"

There was something in her words that had managed to break through my strong hold, but i continue to fight against it. Bill was a monster. He took away my human life, left me alone to fend for myself. How could she say all those things? I glanced back at the large muted TV as i sunk into the large bed. The King's precious progeny would be back soon. No more laying in waiting, it was time to act now.

The King would know of my intentions soon.

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