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Baby Mama Drama

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Baby Mama Drama

Post by Kenya Jones on Sat May 05, 2012 4:38 pm

*Dispatch received a call from the local medical clinic about suspects Ronald E Grant and his girlfriend CeCe Erikson came into the clinic to bring Ms Erikson's 5 month old child who was running a high grade temperature and coughing. Waiting at the clinic was Ms. Erikson's child's biological father Peter Gray. A shouting match ensues about the child's welfare and why Mr. Grays presence was there. When the employee told them that RSO was called Mr. Grant and Ms. Erikson leave the clinic with the sick child. I arrive at the clinic I took statements and searched where the couple were sitting I fould a blue metal pipe with a burnt sticky residue. I bagged it and checked it into inventory.*

Baby Mama Drama 2FNbf

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