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Full Moon Desires

Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Full Moon Desires

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sat May 05, 2012 8:26 pm

She awoke with a start. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was. It was Bill’s room but he wasn’t there. She reached for her phone, checking the time. It was 8:30pm so it was pass dark. She groaned, moving to slide out of bed and find her black robe. She poked her head out of the door and spotted Sal, one of the guards of the night shift. She smiled and approached him.

“Hey Sal.. wheres the king?” she asked. Sal, a man in his early 40’s with a nice even temperament and a mild case of OCD smiled at Kiara. “Did he not tell you? He left for a conference in Dallas, said he may not be back until tomorrow night” he said, looking a bit awkward that she didn’t know. She blinked but shrugged “Alright then. Wheres Carly? I’m craving a starbucks run” she said with a grin. Sal chuckled and pulled at his walky talkie “I’ll radio her for you…the usual?” he asked. Kiara nodded “Please… but also if she’s inclined to drive to Nawlin’s for some beignets she’d be my best friend” she said, batting her eyelashes. Sal chuckled and inclined his head. “We’ll see what we can do ma’am. In the meantime should we have the cooks get started on dinner?” She thought for a moment “Not yet.. I want to get cleaned up. I’ll call for dinner later” she said before walking off. She could hear Sal radioing Carly in the background. She returned to the bedroom and sighed.

Bill was gone…again. Worse, it was the first night of the full moon and her hormones were on fire. She needed to get out and run as a wolf otherwise she would be likely to jump into bed with any male around. She debated what to do as she scanned the room. The bed was still messy, even his side of the bed was undone so he hadn’t left that long ago. There were some empty bottles of royal, his and her clothes on the floor after their last love making session, and the remnants of the roses he’d brought her not to long ago. She smiled. She loved Bill and his old fashioned ways. She was always being surprised with flowers or treats or even dancing when vampire business was slow, but he was also the king and was always busy.

She sat on the bed and sighed, flopping over. She could pick up Bill’s scent and it made her needy and made desire pool between her legs. He may be a vampire but being dead had not diminished his skills in bed. He was so different from her previous lovers. He was methodical, perhaps because he had all the time in the world. She moaned softly, opening the robe and trailing a hand down her bare front. She closed her eyes, picturing Bill above her, but her body rebelled and it was not him she saw. The full moon and her hormones demanded more. She pictured Quinn and Nik, slowly trailing their tongues down her body.

“nnn…yesss” she moaned, her hand dipping between her legs as she stroked her folds. She cupped her left breast, her hips rising to her eager fingers. She could almost truly feel the tiger’s tongue all over her, making her stomach jump in pleasure. Nik would be stroking her legs, yes, he was always a leg man. She moaned again turning over, face down on the bed. Her fingers spread out her folds as she stroked her cleft. If anyone should walk into the room they would be getting a sight indeed. She moaned and growled in a very wolfish fashion. She craved sex at the moment, needed it in the worse of ways, and the moment she sank a finger into herself she cried out in pleasure before burying her face into a pillow less she rouse the suspicions of the night staff. As images floated in her mind it was as if she could hear Bill whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

She craved him as well. His own brand of physical intimacy. Oh yes… a night with Bill, Quinn and Nik? Now that really made her hot. As she continued to pleasure herself she imagined more and more depraved things, how they would bend, twist and ravish her body in all manner of ways, in all manner of places around the mansion and even outside; spectators be damned. Her finger moved in and out of her body, completely out of her control. Her eyes glowed and shifted to a bright wolf gold color before she screamed into the pillow, her whole body shaking wildly as her orgasm claimed every molecule of her being.

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