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Alcide Herveaux
Alcide Herveaux

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Sexual Free HBO

Post by Alcide Herveaux on Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:20 pm

He had been working on the deck for one of the ladies. They wouldn't stop drooling with their iced tea while they watched his well honed body covered with sweat move with grace. Hell one of them had even tried to slip her number to him for after hours fun. Cringing at the thought and hiding the fact he had puked in his mouth. He smiled politely before climbing into his truck to go to the local motel.

At least it wasn't rat infested and the rooms were decent, even if the honeymoon suit he was stuck in had the worst round bed he had saw in a while. It even had rope lights and a radio in the bed. Five dollars would get it to spin, now there was a thought in his wolf brain. Sookie naked while it spun.

The corners of his mouth rose as he went to the shower. Shucking his clothes off and leaving them over the couch, he strode to the ornate shower while the hot water started to steam up the small room. He gripped his thick shaft and started to move up and down. Imagines of full breast and pert nipples making his wolf growl.

He could imagine her thighs quivering in tanned goddess like perfection, the smell of sex would make him seem like a pup since he was about to explode in his own hand. If something like that was before him he would probably shot his load before he even got a taste. Yeah explode that was happening now. Thank god the sticky mess was washed down the drain. Damn this wolf had to get laid.

After showering and toweling dry, he had the towel around his waist when he flipped to the free HBO, fuck if it wasn't a dirty movie with a nice lookin tan blonde. Flipping it off and pulling on a tight pair of black jeans and a form fitting black tshirt he growled his flustration. Maybe out again he had to think about it.

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