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Revenge For Lost Ones


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Sexual Revenge For Lost Ones

Post by Christian on Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:13 am

Christian had been lurking around the Bon Temp cemetery, keeping close to the shadows of the trees, refusing to be seen as he watched his Maker Bill Compton barely make it inside his home, the great mansion as he thought of it. He could feel a sudden change in Bill's demeanor, something was stirring inside him and Christian found it curious as to what it was.

He refused to let Bill or others in his entourage know that he was sulking in the shadows of his Maker's estate, he had been coming here for several nights now, to feel close to him, to feel close to home.

He could feel that the sun was rising, his body was becoming weak as he fought against the pull of the sun. He would act upon his revenge soon, it would all be in his hands, he would make Bill Compton pay for what he had done. For what he made him do, what he drove him to do.

Christian collapsed at the base of an old abandoned grave stone, it had be broken and weathered away over the years that the engravings on the headstone were barely recognizable to the human eye. But Christian could see them perfectly clear with his vampire eyes.

He ran his small fingers across the corroded engravings; Katherine Williamson Bellefleur. His mother that he had killed, drove to kill on the first night he had risen as a vampire.

"Momma" he whispered, as tears trickled down his small face, red tears staining his t-shirt "I will make him pay for what he made me do" he cried softly "Soon" he whispered.

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