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Strange Bedfellows

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Strange Bedfellows

Post by John Quinn on Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:18 pm

Quinn chuckled as he saw the small black sedan pull out of the side drive and began following the Lexus. He had anticipated this little game far in advance and had already taken steps. With a simple press of a keypad on the dashboard, he signaled the three identical cars parked on the side of the highway to begin moving. As the Lexus pulled onto the highway, the others joined it so there were now four identical vehicles, with matching plates and tinted windows in a group.

For the first several miles they simply traded places over and over. When Quinn felt it was time he sent the signal for a change, and each car pulled into a separate lane on the highway. As exits came up on either side of the road, one of the cars would pull off the highway, often to pull right back on at the next entrance. Once the repetition of this pattern was solid, he nodded to Vincent to take the proper exit to the airfield and the waiting helicopter. He was willing to bet this is one twist that Compton would not anticipate.

As Quinn climbed aboard, he handed Vincent a data pad with a list on it. Vincent looked it over and then set it inside the car. He smirked as he watched the empty highway and access road. He looked back at the list for a moment, noting one item on the list and looking toward Quinn with curiosity.

“If I can beg your pardon, Sir, you are asking for a transcript of Ms. Hamby’s phone call from earlier today? Should I be concerned, Sir?”

“Yes Vincent, it was one shortly after sunset. I believe it is only call she has gotten today. No, you should not be concerned, it is simply a curiosity. I overheard snippets of the conversation and my instincts tell me to learn more. That is all…”

“Of course, Sir, I did not mean to imply…”

“Do not worry so much, Vincent. I did not think you are implying anything and your regular concern for my welfare is both touching and amusing but I think I would actually miss it if you stopped. Make certain everything has been gathered and packaged in appropriate containers by the time I get back here. I have a leaving from here directly back to the Compton estate. You know what to do after that.”

Vincent nodded as he shut the hatch on the helicopter and backed away toward the car. Quinn walked up to the pilot seat and through the automation switch adjusting the altitude to a safe level for hovering in place. He then turned the seat around to face Chancellor Gainsborough. He smiled, but the smile was only a half truth, and he nodded acknowledging her presence. He motioned for her to remain quiet for a few more moments, until they maintained a steady height then he nodded.

“Greetings Chancellor. I am glad to see found the location without issue. When you communicated with my man, Vincent, you made it clear the needed somewhere that no one could hear or see us meeting. Your request for secrecy is why I chose this particular method. By having you arrive earlier and then playing a little shell game with my escort, I was able to assure that we would not be seen. At the height I have set on the altimeter, we are beyond range for any listening device whether mounted on this vehicle or stationary and pointed at us. Time right now is a precious commodity for us both so why do not we skip the pleasantries and get down to why you requested this meeting.”

Nora flashed a half smile more out of ritual than any actual concern for feeling. She nodded while he spoke and could not help but admire the method he chose to circumvent any surveillance that might be possible. It is definitely one method that never would have occurred to her or her brother, but as he had said time was short…

“Yes I did call for this meeting and yes I did request as much secrecy as possible. This is done more for subtlety than true discretion. I mentioned a concern to you in an old conversation, what seems like an age ago now, but hell has not been all that long. It is a concern that my brother shares with me and others. You have, by happenstance, ended up in a very uniquely helpful situation. I believe you understand what I am referring to but for simplicity sake, since you are only a Ware, I will be direct. There is concern in very private circles that William Compton still has a vial of the Blood of Lilith. I think you of all people, considering your closeness to his progeny, would understand our concern if there is any truth to our fears.”

“Chancellor, do not forget yourself or who you speak to. I was the unspoken hand of your mentor. I was Salome’s sword and was poised to strike a blow for myself and for her but that strike was taken by another before I could move. I do have to find some way to repay your brother someday for that convenience though we need not worry about that for now. My point is not to vent or play politics but to make clear that I accepted your request for a meeting. I did not respond to a summons from someone of authority. The only reason we are speaking is out of respect for your brother and what good you did in the Authority. I owe you no debt or marker and can walk away at any moment. This is only said to remind you that you speak to an equal not a servant. Now as for your concerns, I will be honest in saying that I have also had suspicions in that direction but only an instinct guiding it and no proof or possibility of verifying those suspicions. Since his recovery from the unfortunate issues in New Orleans, I have seen no recurrence of the bloodlust and rage that was overtly obvious at the time. If anything, the occurrences in New Orleans have caused him to be more circumspect in his actions since that time and to think more before acting.”

“Jonathan, you must also remember that William Compton is a master at manipulating perception of those around him. If he still does have a vial, I can guarantee only he had seen it. It is somewhere only he goes. It is somewhere only he knows of and, or can get to. All I am asking is that you let the selfsame instincts that served in the past do so again. This meeting was simply to make you aware that others also have those concerns and that you may be in a supremely unique situation as far as access is concerned. Should you become aware that the item does exist, do not try to wrench it away from him but instead find a way to let those of us who can deal with it more discreetly know. That is all I ask of you.”

“Chancellor, you speak to me of conspiracy and intrigues as if we are still in the heyday of the Authority. This is not the authority, we are not members of the Council, this is not the past and no matter what we might wish, old friends will not walk around the corner and surprise us. We both lost much in recent times but do not confuse the past to the present. I have absolutely no reason to trust you. I think our discussion on this matter is done.”

Quinn moved back to the cockpit, adjusting the controls for descent and resumed his seat as the helicopter slowly lowered toward the ground. As a got close he leaned forward and spoke slowly and clearly…

“You will not contact me again unless I have given you leave to. I owe you no favor and you have in my eyes not yet restored the respect I once had for a Chancellor of the Authority. You speak of conspiracy of the Blood and yet you were drunk on the same potion, but you seem to believe yourself worthy to judge another. Perhaps we will speak again after this matter has been clarified. Only time will tell.”

As the helicopter touched down, Quinn deactivated the controls and stepped out, walking over to the waiting car and climbing in without a word. Vincent shut the door and they headed back toward Compton Estate.

“If I may be so bold, Sir, was the meeting as enlightening as you expected it to be?”

Quinn smirked and could not help chuckling a little…

“Yes, Vincent, very enlightening and at the same time very curious with a bit of amusement thrown in for spice. Take me back to the Estate, Vincent, it is time for me to have finished my errands and spend some time with my fiancée. Did you pick up everything I asked you to?”

“Of course, Sir, what will fit in the trunk is there the rest is already being delivered to the gates of the Compton Estate. There is only one exception which I thought you would want on the trip back.”

Vincent handed him a folder with papers and it and pulled out onto the road to begin the trip back. Quinn looked over the transcripts with interest before shredding them. Very curious…

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