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Alcide Herveaux
Alcide Herveaux

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Post by Alcide Herveaux on Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:21 pm

Alcide couldn't be more uncomfortable if he wanted to be. His nuts ached after the work he had done for Kiara. Her tan curvy body, the scent of her lingering. Damnit why couldn't his cock remember to behave. A nice blonde waitress was walking by asking for his order now.

"Sure bacon cheese burger and cheese fries." The woman looked at him like she could lick him up and down. The corner of his mouth went up in a cocky smile. "Maybe you after you're done with work." She winked at him and went to place his order as he sipped the coors beer from when he got there. Now the way she moved, well if he thought about a certain Bon Temps waitress yeah. Sookie she almost looked like Sookie.

Fries hot and covered with cheese, the burger greasy and loaded with bacon. Seemed this little hottie needed a little play tonight. He could oblige that for sure. Each bite satisfying one hunger as another made it's presence more and more know. Chugging the rest of the beer as he watched her tip out. Yeah seemed like a wolf could get lucky after all.

Going after the waitress after paying and tipping. Alcide went around back where she motioned him. Making sure there wasn't any cheese in his beard before leaning in for a kiss. The waitress gave him a swift kick to the furry jewels. Doubling over he groaned as she started to land blow after blow straight to his baby maker. Damnit what did he do to deserve this? Leaving him doubled in pain after taking his wallet. He cursed, not just blue balls anymore but bruised ones.

Making his way to his truck lucky she hadn't got his keys. He carefully sat down and lay his head on the steering wheel. Fuck that hurt as his stomach started the process of puking. Yeah sonic it would be tonight followed by a nice visit with Palmala...

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