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Finding Brother Dearest

Judith Vardamon
Judith Vardamon

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Sexual Finding Brother Dearest

Post by Judith Vardamon on Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:36 pm

Judith could feel it in her bones, the connection between her and Bill growing with each passing second, feeling it in her blood as she fully opened the bond that they once shared together. Feeling as though a part of her that she had been missing all these years had been filled again. She once again felt whole again, her blood singing harmonies as she zoned in on her destination.

She had been travelling in style, after she had inherited half of her Maker's financial assets, she had been cautious on her wealth, but she did love her vehicles and in particular her sports cars.

Finding Brother Dearest Car-red-sports-sleek

She sped along the highway, her eyes scanning for the turn off that she needed too find her way to Bon Temps; she was in search of finding her brother dearest William Compton. She had been tracking him, but after speeding through Shreveport she smirked to herself as she felt him close by, he was returned home to his former human place of birth. Judith was not surprised by this, after all their last argument that they had involved his former home.

But she pushed that to the back of him mind at the moment, she did not care for their last encounter now, with all this angst, fear and anger that she had felt over these last few months it had almost crippled her to the point of breaking. She had never felt anything like that from her brother before, and now she was worried about his state of health and well-being. After all they were siblings to the end, and there was a part of her that was anxious to see William after all these years apart.

After speeding over 90mph she smiled to herself as she saw a sigh draw into sight;

Finding Brother Dearest Bon-temps-la-profile

Soon brother dearest, soon she would be home, by his side. And once again they would be siblings again.

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