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Finding Sookie, Getting Steve Newlin of His Mind.

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Finding Sookie, Getting Steve Newlin of His Mind.

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:32 am

Jason could not get his horrid dream out of his mind, the thought of Steve Newlin still weighed heavily in his mind, making him recoil in disgust at the thought of Steve Newlin touching him, making him shudder all over. He felt sick to his stomach even thinking off it. He had to get his mind of things; Sookie. He hadn't seen Sookie in a while now, she was always with that damn fanger husband of hers Eric Fuckin Northman.

He began to get himself ready, finding some spray to clean himself up with, he then found a shirt, giving it a quick sniff to see if it was clean, damn he needed to do some laundry soon. Maybe Sookie would do it for him if he asked her nicely? He pulled out his cell and hit dial; the phone rang several times as Sookie didn't answer. Maybe she was at Merlotte's?

Finding Sookie, Getting Steve Newlin of His Mind. 1-07-Burning-House-Of-Love-jason-stackhouse-29846306-1280-720

"Hey Sook, i am coming over. You there? Answer the phone Sook. Well i shall see you in a few sis" he ended the call.

Damn it! Why couldn't she answer his damned phone! Once he gave himself the look over in the lounge mirror.

"Jason Stackhouse, you are one good looking son of a bitch" he smirked to himself in the mirror.

Once he was satisfied, he picked up his truck keys and left the house, heading straight for his truck. Hopping inside, he started the engine, as it roared too life. First he would check at Sookie's house, then straight onto Merlotte's. He needed to get laid, take his mind of Steve Newlin.

Finding Sookie, Getting Steve Newlin of His Mind. JasonGif12

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