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Purloined Pets

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Purloined Pets

Post by Kenya Jones on Wed May 09, 2012 3:25 pm

I arrested 38 year old Rodney Bolton for theft under $200 dollars for stealing a pet from the local pet store. He came into the store and loitered and acted strangely claims the 17 year old employee. When he exited the store he had a large bulge in his pants. The employee looked in the ferret cage noticed one of the ferrets to be missing. She exited the door to see the suspect Mr Bolton dancing wildly in the square and hitting himself in the groin area.

She dials 911 and I was dispatched to the scene. When I arrived the suspect was lying on the sidewalk screaming and clawing at his waistband of his pants. I noticed that something was moving independently in his loin area. I asked Mr. Bolton what seems to be the problem, rather than answering he unbuttons and unzips his pants grasping the missing ferret and throws the animal at me . It hits my neck clawing it and biting my cheek. I grab the aggressive animal by the scruff of its neck handing it back to the employee who exits to the store with it. I call in for EMTs on the scene for myself and the suspect. I escorted the suspect Mr Bolton to the ER we both received treatment. The parish DA will file additional charges of assault of a peace officer with a special weapon.

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