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A Call To Sam Merlotte

Hoyt Fortenberry
Hoyt Fortenberry

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Sexual A Call To Sam Merlotte

Post by Hoyt Fortenberry on Sun May 05, 2013 2:49 pm

Why was it then whenever Hoyt Fortenberry needed to talk to anyone, they were never available and they would never answer there cells? Had he done something to offend them? He had tried calling Amy, but he knew that she was with her brother. And then he had tried calling Sam Merlotte to discuss the rent for one of his properties. He needed to get out of this damn house. His mamma Maxine Fortenberry was really beginning to get on his nerves now, always asking about Amy.

He new there was stuff that he could never tell his mamma about Amy, he had promised to keep her secret. And he would. But he was on the verge of blowin up and cursing his momma for always interfering in his relationship.

Why couldn't his momma just be happy for him and Amy. He loved her, and wanted to be with her all the time. But she lived in Shreveport and had family, all he had was his momma. Sometimes he wished that he had a brother or a sister. He could hear his momma calling out to him for the third time. He groaned as he pulled out his cell and hit dial.

"Sam, its Hoyt. Look I need to talk to you. I will come by the bar. Please be there" he smirked into his cell.

He could only hope that Sam got the message. He needed out of this house.

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