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Drunk Dreams

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Drunk Dreams

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Fri May 17, 2013 8:10 am

The thirteenth bottle of bud spun across the wooden floor as it hit the old wooden family table where the Stackhouse family once gathered to join together in being together. Michelle and Corbett Stackhouse would sit at the head of the table, as Jason and his sister Sookie would sit opposite them. Good memories of when all of his family was alive, Grams, Granddaddy. As he felt the effect of his thirteenth beer take affect on his, his eyes gently closed as he fell into a slumber.


"Pass the milk momma" a young Jason Stackhouse yelled across the table.

"Manners young man" his momma scolded him.

"Sorry momma. Pass the milk please" he rephrased.

"That's my boy" Michelle smiled gracefully as she passed the carton of milk towards her son.

But that was all a dream, Jason Stackhouse knew it to be a dream. His momma and daddy were dead, killed by the Vampire Warlow who was now after his only living family that he had left, his sister Sookie. Jason glanced around at his momma who seemed truly in her element as he saw two large puncture marks appear on his momma's neck.

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"What is is sweetheart?" Michelle quizzed her son.

Jason glanced around at his daddy, his body almost glued to his chair as vampire bites began opening on his daddy's neck as blood trickled from each hole.

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"Daddy?" he looked around to his sister Sookie who was playfully eating away at her cereal "Sooks?"

A young Sookie looked up from her cereal as trickles of blood flowed from her mouth and into her bowl of cereal.

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"Help me Jason" she spoke calmly.

Jason's eyes shot open as he quickly scanned the room, everything was as it should be. Everything was back to normal. He looked around at the table where he had been sitting at along with his parents and sister....and nothing was there. Not even a spec of blood.

"What the fuck?" he questioned himself as he glanced down at himself and saw that he was naked.

How the hell that happen?

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