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Trouble coming

Sam Merlotte
Sam Merlotte

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Sexual Trouble coming

Post by Sam Merlotte on Tue May 21, 2013 5:45 pm

He looked up at the news as he wiped down a glass and saved it on the rack above the bar. The broadcast is what caught his attention.

“Vampire human fights are on the rise in the south as humans try to reclaim what they say is rightfully theirs. It seems as though a group has formed and petitioned the government to form an army to protect the human race from what they call “supes”. That would include all supernatural beings from vampires, werewolves, shifters and even witches. There have been reports of many of these said supernaturals living among you and no one even knew until a month ago when they decided to make their presence known. Scientists are baffled by what appears to be Steve Newlin turning into a Latino woman on national TV. More on this at six, but here is that clip again.”

They began to play the clip of Luna shifting from Steve to herself and he cringed. Grabbing the remote he turned the TV off, lucky that there was no one there but him. They had opened an hour ago and the lunch rush wouldn't be in for a while, if at all. Things were changing again; slowly he felt something brewing…something bad. And in the mist of it all, Luna was inching closer and closer to her due date. Just. Wonderful.

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