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The Past Is The Past

Tara Mae Thornton
Tara Mae Thornton

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Sexual The Past Is The Past

Post by Tara Mae Thornton on Wed May 22, 2013 6:25 pm

*The ground was slightly damp Tara thought to herself as she
ran towards Sookie's house she knew she couldn't get to close,
no, that wouldn't be smart....she didn't have any plans to harm
her former...well what she assumed her former friend would
notice after all her and Eric were together. Tara didn't
know just exactly how she felt about that she knew that if
she were human....well wouldn't that a nice, if...but if she
we human she wouldn't have liked it, she would have still
hoped she would have tried things with that hunky werewolf..
what was his name again....something weird...like Alice
whatever, it didn't matter now, she wasn't human, and well
the rest didn't matter. She cocked her head sideways peering
into the house from a tall tree just staring inside the
only place that was like a second home to her, she remembered
Adele bringing out lemon-aid to her and Sookie as they sat
side by side talking about boys and school, Sookie was always
getting picked on, and Tara was always making sure that they'd
leave her alone, that was there life, Tara couldn't complain
she thought to herself after all how many times had Sookie
allowed her to stay at her and her grandmothers home when
Tara's mother had drank to much which was nearly every night,
Hell part of the reason Tara was such a good bartender was
she had all that practice as a kid. Tara shook her head and
looked down, Who did she have as a friend now? She silently
asked herself...there was Pam....well let's be honest, she
wasn't so much as friendly with Pam, there were *other*
feelings that she sometimes wondered were shared by the
tall, blond vampire, with the curves in all the right places.
Thinking on Pam, made her stop looking at Sookie's home,
there was no point in that, going over her and Pam,
vampires weren't exactly the type to stay faithful, and
fuck if she wanted to anyway, Pam was her maker, and they
had phenomenal sex...other then that, that was all there
was to it. Bill was nothing like most vampires, well that
was of course before he went insane, she shook her head again.
Tara didn't think for one moment that he was sane...of course
Tara has a theory, Once you ride the crazy train, there
ain't no getting off, whether you wanted to or not, fucking
Franklin was off his rocker and nothing changed with that.
Tara just shook her head again, and jumped from the top
of the tall tree, sitting there wasn't doing anything other
then bringing her down, and she was starting to get hungry

"I miss you Sook."

*Tara said, and then silently ran off.*

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