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Confronting Demons

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Confronting Demons

Post by John Quinn on Fri May 24, 2013 1:10 am

Quinn woke in a cold sweat, his body aching all over. He rolled off the bed and stumbled to the bathroom to splash his face with water. When he looked in the mirror, he saw something that made no sense. Behind him was....him...but not...something dark...something that was not quite there....

"I can beat this...I have to...."

His face twisted as a new wave of pain hit his body. He made his way back into the bedroom and looked down at the bed. Jessica was still in her day sleep, so quiet..so peaceful...so vulnerable...he could hear the demon in his mind whispering to him.

~She would never know. It would make the pain go away...just a taste to take the edge off...~

He stood there for hours, just staring down at her still form. It would be so easy to give in. The pain would end...she would heal and never know...but if he did this...this violation would eat at him as much as the addiction was doing.

~She'd never know. What is the harm? She said she wanted to help you. This would be helping~

He fought this inner struggle for hours, finally fighting it back. He moved to the care package that Vincent had brought. It contained clothing, some food supplies and a bit of his workout equipment. He tried to eat some of the food but the very smell of it made him feel ill, so he settled for working out. He had to do something to get his mind off her blood. He pushed himself until he could not stand. He sat down, still dripping with sweat. He did not know if it was from the withdrawals or the workout and he didn't care.

Confronting Demons Dwayne10

He moved back to look at her...knowing the temptation was going to get worse before it got better. The whole point to working out had been to drain his energy and clear his mind. He settled down in the corner of room and willed himself to rest. He did not how long it took but eventually he fell into a dreamless sleep.

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