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Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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Sexual Day-Mare

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Sat May 25, 2013 1:21 pm

It was real, all of it felt real. Reliving it as I stood there and watched on, history repeating itself. Bill with blank, cold eyes as he ripped into Kiara's throat and blood pooled from the wound, her limp body falling to the floor with a thud. He was Billith and thought he was a God, trying to convince me to follow the teachings of Lilith. He lunged for my throat and I screamed but nothing came from my mouth. "BILL! STOP, DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE!" I pleaded as he came for me.

My body stiffened and I squeezed my eyes tighter, clenching something and holding tight to it as his fangs sank into my own neck. Flickers of memories flashed through my mind, the pain in my chest growing. I now stood in the office and watched Quinn slowly remove Kiara's shirt and move his hands over her skin. "STOP! Don't touch her, please....don't you love me?" I cried out to him and he ignored me as his tongue ran over her skin causing her to arch her back. I felt the hot tears fall from my eyes.

Things went black and I fell onto my back on hard cement as his deep purple eyes looked into mine. He was in tiger form on top of my chest, growling. The next thing I knew he was biting into my neck and ripping part of it off as I screamed and fought against him to no avail. "QUINN NO!" Bill's laugh was shrill as he stood nearby with his arms folded across his chest smirking. "I told you Jessica, you can't trust anyone."

My body jolted to life and I sat up quickly. It was the first time I'd ever had a dream like that. Looking to the side of me, I saw Quinn sleeping. My whole body shook and I moved from the bed in a clumsy way, stumbling and backing away from him. I didn't stop until my back hit the bathroom door and I quickly went in and turned the shower on. Looking down at my hands that were trembling from the dream that felt so real. I looked in the mirror to check my neck and felt a chill run up my spine as I heard his words over again.

"You can't trust anyone."

I covered my mouth and closed my eyes as the red tears fell. What was happening to me?

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