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Forgive and forget?

Judith Vardamon
Judith Vardamon

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Sexual Forgive and forget?

Post by Judith Vardamon on Sat May 12, 2012 8:15 pm

Awaking a few hours after sun down Judith slowly crawled out of her coffin. She stretched her arms above her head and looked around. Another lonely night in the mansion she thought to herself. Walking to the bathroom she wanted to rinse off the blood from the night before. "Jeez" she looked down at the floor, seeing a young girl passed out she walked around her and turned on the shower. Judith walked back around the girl and went to grab some clothes. Hearing the girl wakeup she turned around "You've been asleep for 2days now hun. You might wanna go back home and wash up". Judith gave her a playful smirk. Feeding off of young humans didn't make her feel as bad as feeding off of a baby or an elderly person. She watched the girl weakly walk up the stairs and the servant helped her out. Judith began to strip down, letting her hair down she hopped in the warm shower. It was quit a shock as the water hit her skin. She missed being able to enjoy the warmth from the water, or sun. Washing down Judith began to wonder where bill has gone for all this time. "Maybe he's dead dead" she thought for a second. "No, I would of felt it..wouldn't I" she didn't know how sibling vampires would know if the other one was still alive. Finishing her shower she pulled the towel to her wrapping it close. Walking to the room and saw an outfit set out for her. She wasn't use to having people do things for her. She felt sort of out of place. As she looked at the dress she smiled a bit "At least he knows my style" she said as she dried off. Pulling on her clothing she looked out the window, Seeing the guards she sighed. Taking a deep breath she walked out towards the entrance of the mansion. "If bill comes tell him I went for a walk please?" she said to one of the maids. As the maid smiled she nodded her head and kept to her work. Walking out she headed towards the road. Half way down the road, she realized she had no shoes. Looking down she had a small giggle and shook her head. "God can't I do anything right". Time passed and cars kept beeping at her since she kept walking in the middle of the road.

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