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showered and shaved

Alcide Herveaux
Alcide Herveaux

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Sexual showered and shaved

Post by Alcide Herveaux on Wed May 29, 2013 7:53 pm

Surveying the job site in the late Mississippi sun, sweat poured off his well honed body. Taking the yellow hard hat off and running his fingers threw the damn hair the slab was down and over half the house was up. In the next few weeks this would be one less project for him to worry about.

His cell buzzed in the dust covered jean poked, answering as quickly as he could seeing his second's picture. Gruff vocals came threw the phone. Damned fangers where doing something and needed help. A slow smirk tipped up the corners of her lips. This could work to his advantage.

Giving a quick glance around the lot. Everything was going well. Giving them the time he would be available to meet. He put the tools up in the back of his truck. Throwing the hard hat in the passenger seat. He slide into the grey leather seats. Slamming the door he pulled out. He would have to hurry to make it to his apartment and taking a shower. They were meeting at Lou Pine's.

Checking in with the guard after the short drive. He ran his fingers throw his hair, his mind going threw the possibilities, could this be a trap? His gut nor his wolf sensed it. Taking the musty elevator up to the third floor. The other apartments were empty for at least another week.

Unbuttoning his work shirt and shucking it off. He held the damp shirt to make his way to the bathroom. Turning the shower on hot he unbuttoned and slowly unzipped the jeans, fatigue wearing his edges. Looking in the mirror he tried to decide if a shave was in order. Shaking his head he stepped out of the jeans, and into the relaxing hot water. Letting it run down his tan, muscled body he sighed. Mind running a mile a minute. he grabbed the shampoo to wash the dust from his thick hair.

After using the body wash everywhere else, he stroked the thick shaft just enough to clean it and the heavy testicles. Stepping out and grabbing the plush gray towel, he quickly dried and bushed the teeth. Going over what his closet held. He choice a black suit, shirt and tie. If he didn't hurry he would be late.

Grabbing the keys to the truck he hauled ass down stairs. he had to be there in 45 minutes he should have just enough time. Pulling out and heading to the mansion, it was going to be a long night...

showered and shaved Jm03

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