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A Bittersweet Mother's Day

Barbara Pelt
Barbara Pelt

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Sexual A Bittersweet Mother's Day

Post by Barbara Pelt on Sun May 13, 2012 2:21 pm

*Gordon has closed himself up in the den, after we went to the club with Sandra for brunch. I think he can't pretend anymore that Debbie is still alive. Today was hard enough for me not having all my babies with me, Sandra brought a beautiful card and gave me a lovely summer dress I had mentioned to her. Sandra is a good girl when she's on the upswing, when her moods bottom out all hell breaks loose. Sandra and Debbie never got along like sisters should. Gordon doted on Debbie more so than Sandra. Debbie was our golden girl, I tried to be fair and treat them the same, but Sandra always resented Debbie. I push that out of my mind. Debbie is well and truly gone. If she doesn't show by Father's Day I know Gordon will move heaven and earth to find her, and punish the ones who took her away. I look at the time I guess I can throw something into the oven for dinner.*

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