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Where do we go from here?

Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual Where do we go from here?

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:21 am

She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to think. As she sat in the graveyard by her Gran's grave, her heart was aching. Bill, the man that she had given her all only to have her heart broken numerous times, really was no more. He was dead and gone. When she had tried putting that stake through his chest she felt like someone was driving a stake through hers. Only... he didn't die. He coughed, sputtered, and then pulled the stake out before acting like nothing had happened. 

What was he? 

Was her Bill gone forever? 

And Jessica baring her fangs at her, telling her that they needed to leave? That had hurt, too. She hadn't had intentions of betraying her; hadn't she just been scared? And besides, wouldn't Jess have done the same thing if Bill had gone after someone she cared about? Sookie LOVED Eric. A lot. More than she should, even. And she couldn't let anything happen to him. And truthfully, she felt that she was doing Bill a favor; why would he want to live a half-life? He'd be like the Voldemort of Bon Temps; everyone afraid of him, trying to kill people off for idiotic reasons. In the end, he would be ended. 

And now what? Now that he had blown up the Authority building, drank that filth from the vial... he was changed. 

"Gran, I don't know what to do. I wish you could tell me."

She ran her hand over the headstone and fixed the flowers she had lay down on the ground before turning and heading back to her house. She didn't hesitate to glance at Bill's house over her shoulder; right now he was probably sleeping. Well, he would have been. What was he doing? Was Jess safe? She had once thought she would be Bill's wife and Jess' "step mother", but that had all changed.

And because of all of this, Eric had signed the house back over into her name and she had rescinded his invitation. Now the only man that had protected her fervently was gone, unable to step foot back into the house. She was utterly alone. 

It was amazing the difference a few months made. 

Life changed, people changed, the entire world changed. And it wasn't for the better.

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