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A Moment to Reflect

Nora Gainsborough
Nora Gainsborough
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Sexual A Moment to Reflect

Post by Nora Gainsborough on Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:53 pm

So much has happened lately, so much.  It's both wonderful, to be with my brother as often as I am but it's also such a dark time; so frightening and, well simply put, uncertain.  What in the world is Bill now?  He says that he is still Bill Compton but I know better.  I mean I was willing to throw everything and change everything about myself after Salome gave me one drop of that blood.  He drank the entire vial!  There is no way that you can do something like that and still be yourself; it's simply impossible.  I know that Eric understands this as well but he has so many other things to worry about as well.

Eric's world has become so much more complicated now than it was before all of this; and believe me, Eric has never liked for his life to be simple.  He used to always want to find something that was new and unheard of to liven up the centuries.  Now it seems that he is caught between an army of women.  One tries to hold him a bit too close while another seems overly eager to let him go.  I know that Eric loves his progeny, Pamela; he never wanted to hurt her by not telling her certain aspects about his life.  It's just part of who he is.  He was never one to go about telling others about his past; especially if he doesn't expect it to ever come up again.  How was he to know that one day I'd be barking orders at his child? Even though it was only to make sure that the ragtag group of fuckups got out of The Authority alive.  When we last saw one another, before this last reunion, we both thought that it would be for the last time; or, at the very least, that we would not see one other again for centuries.

One thing that I never expected to see, no matter how many centuries I lived, was Eric falling in love!  This was a man that did not believe in such things for vampires.  Love, especially being in love with a non-vampire, was something that would make a vampire vulnerable; which was something that my big Viking brother never allowed himself to be.  Now, he has a weakness.  What is this to mean for him?  What does it mean for her?  And after all that my brother did for her, including keeping her safe from me and Bill, she rescinds his invitation to her home; ultimately banishing him from her life.  He will never be the same after this loss, this hurt.  Is he to become someone completely different as well?  

It seems that only time will tell.  Time, it seems, is something that all vampires may be running out of now.

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