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Jason Stackhouse Is a Special Man

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Jason Stackhouse Is a Special Man

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:07 pm


Jason Stackhouse bellowed at he waved his hand around in mid-air as though he had a sword in his grasp.

"Jason Stackhouse, Fairy Prince" he grinned approvingly of himself.

Granddaddy Niall had excused himself to use the bathroom, apparently he wanted to find a way of closing the small portal that Warlow had used to try and get through in Sookie's bathroom.

"I can't believe it skipped me! I was always picked for everything first, first for basketball, for football. Mrs Harris, my 11th grade teacher told me that i was special, i thought that she meant you know special in the brain...i think. Girls think i am special cause i am good at sex, i watch a lot of porn for more than one man....And I can do this thing with my tongue..."

"Jason! That is too much information" his sister Sookie cut him off mid-sentence.

"Sorry...I guess, I guess I just thought I was special, special like you. You got all Fae light...And I gots nothin....Except my good looks" he said disheartened that he was not part of the Fae Royal Family "I am like that ginger kid, you know the one in the Royal family...Ron, i think"

"I think that is Harry, Jason"

"See! You gots the brains and all the Fae things. What have I got? 'I see dead people' shit" he sank further into his chair next to Sookie.

"You will always be will be special. Your special to me" she reassured him.

"Really?" he asked her, unsure of her reply.

"Really" she smiled softly, resting her hand on his own

"I am special....I am a special man" he grinned childishly.

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