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Sexual Realizations

Post by Nora Gainsborough on Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:41 am

Pouring through The Book of Lilith, again, Nora could not believe her luck with the discovery of a passage that had been mistranslated. "The People led Lilith to the sun." Rereading the passage, she furrowed her brow just to be sure that she had read it correctly. Why was it that nobody ever noticed the error before?

'Probably because we were all high out of our fucking minds.' She thought to herself with a roll of her eyes.

The people? Could it be that the faeries were the ones to kill Lilith before? And would they be the only ones to be able to do it with Bill? The fae have often been known by many names; those names included the old people and the little people. Perhaps, just perhaps they were the ones that the book referred to.

As much as Eric would hate it, and her, the faerie that he loved may have to become involved at some point. It may be the only way to save vampire kind.

One question weighed the heaviest on her mind though. Would Eric ever be able to forgive her?

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