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Not Again

Tara Mae Thornton
Tara Mae Thornton

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Sexual Not Again

Post by Tara Mae Thornton on Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:31 pm

*She glared at Pam, for a moment, before she thought about saying anything.....again, fucking again, Eric.......this was slowly starting to piss her off more and more, every time she thought her Maker.....no that wasn't all Pam was...every time she thought Pam.....had her shit together she was reminded by fucking Eric.......Now.....it wasn't like she hated Eric.....while granted she didn't find him nearly as charming as everyone else did....and it wasn't like she was a man hating dyke or anything....she just thought he was an asshole, a useful asshole, but an asshole, non the less, and Pam.....he released her....he let her go, and yet she couldn't give him up....so much that she threatened Tara when she brought it up....this whole situation was just shitty, and there wasn't anything Tara could do about it, she watched as Pam left and shook her head....threaten to release her.......that was not something Tara would forget easily and certainly would not forget, when Pam got back her and Tara had to have a serious talk.*

"It's damn bullshit, everyone's happy, the sun is shinning, and as soon as I have a damn thought on my own, Pam can't....."

*She remembered what Pam had said, about not being him, and never taking his place, that didn't matter to Tara, she didn't want to be Eric....fuck....she didn't want Pam up her ass nearly as much as she attempted to be up Eric's.....but she did want something....and she didn't just exactly what that was....she was thinking about going to visit Lafayette....or maybe Sookie....people whom she thought wanted to see her, she took one last look at where Pam flew into the shy.*

"Screw her."

*She said smiling and going back towards the lake, behind Merlotte's bar and Grill*

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